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Harvey Weinstein resigns from Weinstein Co board

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Harvey Weinstein has resigned from the board of The Weinstein Company, the board announced on Tuesday, as he faces allegations that he sexually harassed or assaulted a number of women over three decades in the film business.

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Business Insider
Before-and-after photos show the destruction of the famous $17 million 'Glass House,' which burned in the California wildfires

5,700 homes and other structures have been destroyed in the California wildfires, including the famous "Glass House" of Fairfield, California.

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Los Angeles Times
What was life like in Syria's Raqqah, the fallen capital of Islamic State's 'caliphate'?

Before it fell under the sway of Islamic State in January 2014, the Syrian crossroads city of Raqqah, on the northern banks of the Euphrates River in historic Mesopotamia, had lived out a richly layered past under a succession of empires. Down through the centuries, it was an Ottoman trading post,...

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The Guardian
Trump: 'Ask General Kelly' if Obama called after son died in Afghanistan

White House records: chief of staff attended Gold Star families breakfastTrump warns McCain he may ‘fight back’ over latest criticism in speechDonald Trump on Tuesday doubled down on his claim that Barack Obama did not routinely call the families of servicemen and women killed in battle. He also warned John McCain, a decorated war hero with whom he has clashed before, that he might “fight back” after the senator said America’s “leadership and ideals are absent”. Related: ...

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Trump's drug czar nominee withdraws from consideration

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. lawmaker who was President Donald Trump's pick for drug czar withdrew on Tuesday after it became public he spearheaded a bill that hurt the government's ability to crack down on opioid makers flooding the market with the addictive painkillers.

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Russia Today
61,000 flee Kirkuk as Iraq says Kurdish independence 'a thing of the past’

After the Iraqi army took over Kirkuk, Baghdad has said that Kurdish independence is “a thing of the past” and the controversial referendum should be forgotten, as the UN says 61,000 people have fled the northern city of Kirkuk. Read Full Article at RT.com

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The Guardian
Senators reach bipartisan deal to salvage Obamacare subsidies Trump eliminated

Republican Lamar Alexander and Democrat Patty Murray reach deal to help insurance companies cover medical needs of low-income AmericansSenators have moved to salvage Obamacare following Donald Trump’s decision last week to scrap critical subsidies that underpin the health law.Republican senator Lamar Alexander announced on Tuesday that he had reached a deal with Democrat Patty Murray to fund the federal payments – intended to help insurance companies cover the medical needs of low-income ...

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Trump cites chief-of-staff Kelly's dead son to attack Obama

Mr Trump suggests his predecessor failed to call John Kelly's family after their son was killed.

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Wall Street banks look beyond trading to drive profits

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Wall Street rivals Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Morgan Stanley topped analyst expectations on Tuesday, reporting third-quarter earnings gains from a range of products and services despite an industry-wide decline in bond trading.

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The Week US
10 things you need to know today: October 17, 2017

1. President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) met in a private lunch at the White House on Monday in a bid to end months of feuding. In a show of unity afterwards, Trump said, "The relationship is good. We're fighting for the same thing." He cited tax cuts as a shared priority. McConnell, whom Trump has criticized over failed GOP efforts to replace ObamaCare, said he and Trump speak frequently and "have the same agenda." Still, they showed signs of disagreement. Trump ...

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Catalonia refuses to renounce independence, separatist protesters rally

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Catalonia refused on Tuesday to bow to the Spanish government's demand that it renounce a symbolic declaration of independence, setting it on a political collision course with Madrid later this week.

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The Verge
Amazon Studios exec Roy Price resigns in the wake of sexual harassment claim

Deadline is reporting that Amazon Studios executive Roy Price has resigned, in response to sexual harassment claims leveled online by The Man in the High Castle executive producer Isa Hackett. Contacted by The Verge, an Amazon representative confirmed his resignation. Price was also a producer on Man in the High Castle and other Amazon shows, including Transparent. Price was suspended from Amazon on October 13th. It’s the latest step in what’s become a groundswell of revelations about ...

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The Atlantic
Out of Tragedy, An Opportunity for Somalia

Saturday’s twin-truck suicide bombings in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, have so far killed at least 320 people and injured hundreds. The assault took place at a buzzing intersection on a busy afternoon during peak traffic, causing maximum damage to people and property. In the aftermath, men and women searching for victims in the rubble looked small amid the mounds of steel that formed unnatural valleys. In the coming days, more are certain to die in the city’s few under-resourced and ...

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Fox News
Bull wrangled after running loose in New York City

New York City police went on an un-“bull”-lievable two-hour chase Tuesday after a bull escaped a slaughterhouse in Brooklyn and injured a child when it galloped into a park.

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Voice of America
Study: Self-driving Cars Could Ease Traffic, but Increase Sprawl

A new study inspired by Boston's early experiments with self-driving cars finds that the technology could ease congestion, but might also lead to more cars on the road and further encourage urban sprawl. The report, released Tuesday by the Boston Consulting Group and the World Economic Forum, is a mostly optimistic take on how autonomous vehicles could change cities. Three companies are now testing self-driving cars in Boston's Seaport District. One of them, NuTonomy, has also partnered ...

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New cancer drugs help Johnson & Johnson top profit estimates

(Reuters) - Johnson & Johnson posted better-than-expected third-quarter earnings, raising its full-year forecast due to growth from new cancer drugs and high-margin treatments picked up in its $30 billion acquisition of Actelion earlier this year.

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George Soros foundations now control $18 billion: reports

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Investor George Soros has transferred about $18 billion, the majority of his estimated fortune, to his Open Society Foundations, making them the second largest philanthropic grant-making group in the United States, according to media reports on Tuesday.

Russia Today
‘Anne Frank’ Halloween costume branded tasteless in online backlash

Online retailers selling a ‘Halloween’ costume of iconic diarist and Holocaust victim Anne Frank have been accused of 'trivializing her memory’ after images of the outfit sparked fury. Read Full Article at RT.com

Wall Street Journal
Two Chinese Nationals Charged With Fentanyl Trafficking

Two Chinese men have been charged with running massive drug networks that manufactured and shipped thousands of doses of the potentially lethal drug fentanyl directly to U.S. consumers.

N Korea rejects diplomacy with US for now

A North Korean official reaffirmed Pyongyang's commitment to developing a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching "all the way to the East coast of the mainland US," on Monday, telling CNN that the rogue nation is currently not interested in diplomacy with the US until it achieves that goal.

Volvo unveils Polestar model in China, looks to rival Tesla 3

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Volvo Cars and its Chinese parent have unveiled their first Polestar high performance electric car and pledged to invest 5 billion yuan ($760 million) in the brand, gearing up for intense competition to sell greener cars in the world's biggest auto market.

Analysis: Why coach hates Trump so much

On Monday night, following President Donald Trump's controversial comments about whether past presidents called or wrote letters to the families of American soldiers killed in action, San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich called The Nation's Dave Zirin and absolutely unloaded on the commander in chief. Popovich described Trump as a "soulless coward" -- among other things. I reached out to Bleacher Report's NBA columnist Grant Hughes for some context on Popovich and his political activism. ...

Zero Hedge
IBM Reports 22nd Consecutive Quarter Of Declining Sales, "Beats" EPS On Drop In Effective Tax Rate

Last quarter, IBM - once again - almost fooled the market when it "beat" but only thanks to using the lowest (until then) effective non-GAAP tax rate in recent history (excluding one charge-filled quarter when the rate was negative and thus N/M). Fast forward to this quarter when IBM has done it, or at least tried it, again: in the three months ended Sept 30, IBM reported Non-GAAP EPS of $3.30, above the expected $3.28. How did IBM "beat" again? By once again applying a lower tax rate than a ...

Trump likely to name Fed chair by early November: source

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump has a pool of five candidates to choose from for the next chair of the Federal Reserve and is likely to announce his choice before going to Asia in early November, a source familiar with the situation said on Tuesday.

USA Today
Man faces capital rape, murder charges in death of Muslim teen Nabra Hassanen

Darwin Martinez-Torres faces capital rape and murder charges which allows Virginia prosecutors to pursue death penalty case in Nabra Hassanen's death.         

ICE Chief: Feds Will Require Companies to Comply With Immigration Laws

Federal immigration officials will greatly expand enforcement against unscrupulous employers of illegal immigrants during 2018, says Thomas Homan, director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

May to pitch on Brexit at EU summit dinner

LUXEMBOURG/BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Theresa May will make a pitch to fellow EU leaders in Brussels on Thursday as she tries to break a deadlock in Brexit talks that has left Britain's future trading position up in the air.

The Guardian
Russian troll factory paid US activists to help fund protests during election

Investigation finds Russians posing as Americans made payments to activistsRevelations likely to put further spotlight on Russian meddling in US electionRussian trolls posing as Americans made payments to genuine activists in the US to help fund protest movements on socially divisive issues, according to a new investigation by a respected Russian media outlet.On Tuesday, the newspaper RBC published a major investigation into the work of a so-called Russian “troll factory” since 2015, ...

Vox news
Democrats are leading by double digits in an early 2018 midterm poll

Republicans could be facing a tough election in the 2018 midterms, trailing Democrats by double digits in the generic ballot, according to a new CNN poll. The poll found 51 percent of voters support the Democratic Party while 37 percent support the GOP on the generic ballot, which asks voters which party they would support but not about specific candidates. The poll was conducted from October 12 to 15 and has a sampling error of 3.5 percentage points. Republicans are struggling slightly ...

New York Times
Delta Passenger Says She Was Stopped From Singing National Anthem for Fallen Soldier

A Delta honor guard greets every plane that carries a fallen soldier at the Atlanta airport, the company said.

Voice of America
UK Intelligence Head: Terror Threat Worst in his Career

In a rare public speech Tuesday, the head of Britain's domestic intelligence agency said the terror threat in the country is worse now that it has ever been during his 34-year career. "It's clear that we're contending with an intense UK terrorist threat from Islamist extremists," MI5 chief Andrew Parker said. "That threat is multi-dimensional, evolving rapidly and operating at a scale and pace we've not seen before. But so too is our response." Parker said the MI5, also known as he ...

National Public Radio
What To Expect As China's Ruling Communist Party Prepares For 19th National Congress

China's ruling Communist Party's 19th national congress will likely decide the country's leadership lineup for the next five to 10 years. While leaders will go all out to present a facade of orderly transition and party unity, analysts believe that the facade conceals some brutal political power struggles, due in part to a lack of clear rules in China about how power is transferred.

Los Angeles Times
Facebook buys TBH, an app for giving anonymous compliments

Facebook Inc. has bought TBH, a teen-focused app on which people can give anonymous compliments to each other through polls and messages. Facebook on Tuesday confirmed the purchase, announced on TBH's blog, but did not say how much it paid. TBH, whose name is internet slang for “to be honest,”...

The Week US
Google Maps pulls calorie-counting feature after backlash

Google Maps received swift social media backlash for a test feature that showed you how many calories you'd burn if you walked to your destination. The feature was pulled Monday night, and Google confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it was removed in direct response to the negative feedback. The feature, which was developed for iOS only, showed not only the number of calories a user could burn by walking, but also put the walk in terms of mini cupcakes. This was particularly troubling for some ...

ABC News
Delaware indicts 18 inmates in deadly prison riot

Eighteen people have been indicted in a deadly inmate riot and hostage taking at a Delaware prison

Business Insider
California is struggling with the largest and deadliest hepatitis A outbreak to hit the US in decades

Although the outbreak made news when California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency last week, it's been almost a year since the first case emerged.

Zero Hedge
FBI Uncovered Russian Bribery Plot Before Obama Approved Uranium One Deal, Netting Clintons Millions

As the mainstream media continues to obsess over $100,000 worth Facebook ads allegedly purchased by Russian spies in 2016 seeking to throw the presidential election, we're almost certain they'll ignore the much larger Russian bombshell dropped today in the form of newly released FBI documents that reveal for the very first time that the Obama administration was well aware of illegal bribery, extortion and money laundering schemes being conducted by the Russians to get a foothold in the atomic ...

The Hill
Fox News reporter: Clinton operates as ‘shadow president’

Fox News reporter John Roberts on Monday referred to Hillary Clinton as a "shadow president," arguing she is one of President Trump's most prominent critics and that her statements carry weight.The comments came du...